A3 prints posters of Grand Départ be digitally printed in high resolution on 160 gr. Biotop environmentally friendly paper. Biotop is an uncoated tinted paper and produced from waste wood. It is chlorine-free and contains no optical brighteners. The paper has a natural, elegant and luxurious appearance.

For printing is used by a high-quality digital printing press. The HP Indigo press using inks which thanks to electric charge are applied to the paper. This, therefore, is the only digital printing press which operates with liquid inks, instead of laser technology. The advantage is that it looks much nicer and the quality equal or better than offset printing.

The prints are numbered and signed by the designer limited edition and printed in size 50 x 70 cm. For screen printing is printed on acid-free tinted Museum Carton.

The principle of the screen printing technique is by pressure. A piece of fine gauze of silk, polyester or steel is stretched over a framework. The silk-screen printing frame is then provided with a light-sensitive layer which is exposed by means of a positive film. The positive on the existing dark areas are in developing washed away so permeable spots appearing on the screen printing frame. The ink on the window is printed with the aid of a doctor blade by the open surfaces of the mesh on the paper. This technique is repeated with different colors and shapes is printed until the complete image. A labor-intensive process but ensures maximum results.

Screen printing ink has good coverage and therefore delivers beautiful uniform color areas. Moreover, it is colorfast and remains very long beautiful color. An exclusive production method that best shows to come into its own designs the posters!